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Downtown Resource Group

The purpose of this page is to show project samples of SEO, social media, user interface design, marketing, and user experience.

Client from 2008-2011


For about two years I worked on contract with the Downtown Resource Group to help improve their search engine rankings. This included a plan to repurpose content, integrate social media (like Facebook and Twitter), as well as build micro-sites.

Phase One: Planning

At the beginning of the project, I sat down with stakeholders to set expectations, discuss goals, and prepare a mutually agreed-upon contract.

Phase Two: Research

The next step of the project was to determine how the site ranked, what the competition was doing, and create a plan to achieve long-term and short-term goals.

I researched the keywords the stakeholders requested, and did an analysis of the local market to determine recommendations for low hanging fruit and highly searched terms relative to their interests and demographics. This was done by determining if a keyword was highly searched for and how much competition the word or phrase had. If the keyword had lots of searches, it was probably a good term to try to compete for. The amount of competition determined if the keyword was a long-term or short-term goal. Lots of competition means that a keyword may take more time and effort to rank.

Phase Three: Improving Content

Methods for improving the site's search included:

  • Rewriting content to incorporate approved keywords
  • Ensuring code was clean and well-organized
  • Evaluating the navigational structure
  • Analysing and synthesizing the data on an ongoing basis
  • Integrating a PR campaign to improve backlink results
  • Improving the company's social media strategy
  • Integrating search-engine marketing (sponsored search)

Note: The image pictured is from the client's 2016 website not from the period of work.

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